final audio

i came up with this idea when i have noticed that many things that are happening in my dreams have roots outside my bed, when sometimes i can hear what is happening around me but my mind is still unconscious.

living in my neighbourhood is difficult, especially when i have to listen to the bunch of little children ‘playing’ outside in the garden or to my lovely older neighbours who leave a radio playing country music outside their flats often for 10 hours daily, so everyone can ‘enjoy’ the music. not mentioning their other activities…

quite often i feel like i am living in a small, uncomfortable cocoon, surrounded by them, so i can’t free myself yet, i have to wait until it is my time (luckily, this summer).

for the project, because i do not have a good quality microphone to record audio, i have used my camera and deleted a video part leaving just the recording.

the first idea i came up with was to create three ‘cocoons’ made of old lampshades,
and put speakers in each of them, where you could hear my neighbours talking, playing the music and children playing outside.

later my idea changed into making my own ‘cocoon’ made of old clothes and some other elements you can find around the house. then, i wanted to play inside the recording of the children playing. my idea was to ask people to enter inside the hanged ‘cocoon’ ann listen to the sound inside it. the position, shape and size of the ‘cocoon’ would make people feel uncomfortable.
my final idea was to create a small room in the gallery space, where just one person at the time could come in, and play the recording. all the walls would be painted black. many people could feel claustrophobic, but in fact, this is a feeling i have when living in this area.


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