statement of intent

The theme I have chosen for my Creative Arts Project is Dreams, Dreaming and Sleeping. I am interested in this theme because it is something I was always fascinated about, I used to check the meaning of my dreams, experience liquid dreams, when my mind is conscious and aware of the fact that I am sleeping or have dreams that have changed me, for example one when I have dreamed about me drawing a dog while in real life I was not able to make a proper 2D sketch, and that was when I started to develop my drawing skills.

This theme is very rich in opportunities to develop the artwork. Basically, as long as I can remember the dream it gives me many images I can interpret later. For the initial visual responses I decided to start writing a diary, and doing an artwork if I can remember any of my dreams from previous night, just to have an idea how my dreams look like and how I can interpret them.

I plan to look at different aspects of dreaming, for example REM, meaning of dreams, movements of my body, etc.  My initial idea was to make one artwork everyday, however, sometimes I could not remember any of them. I would like to look into psychology and biology, explore other than visual aspects of my dreams (such as noises or smells), study how to have frequent liquid dreams and what I can achieve in my dreams.

During the process of creation my artworks I intend to use a variety of different techniques, from audio to visual. I think I will use all the medias and materials that I will come up with, depends on a kind of dream I will have, i.e. if I will focus on smell, sound, emotions or the movement in my dreams.

The equipment I need a computer with installed Photoshop, a digital camera, sculpture/installation equipment, etc. in order to make initial response, to register my thoughts, develop some ideas.

To manage my time effectively I want to make an artwork everyday I can remember what I was dreaming about, do it for 2-3 weeks, later, for one week I want to learn how to control my dreams, for the last two weeks of the project I would like to develop my final artwork.

To make sure that my project is going well, I will carefully listen tutors’ opinions, attend group critics, ask other people about the project. To identify strengths and weaknesses of my project, I will need a feedback from tutors and students.


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